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Installer safety

Since installers typically have full access to the Mac, users should download software directly from known, trusted sources such as apple.com, adobe.com or microsoft.com.

  • Avoid download sites - Third-party downloads can include malware. Examples include Download.com, SourceForge and MacUpdate.
  • False alerts - Malicious ads or websites can cause fake alerts to appear while web browsing. Two of the most common are fake Flash updates and false virus alerts.
  • Fake URLs - Malware sometimes lurks on URLs with variations of the names of legitimate sites. These can appear in search results or misspelled URLs.
  • Site safety reports - Some vendors maintain searchable site safety reports which can be checked. Examples include McAfee, Netcraft and Google. VirusTotal will scan a URL or download on-demand.
  • Automate checking - Since security is ever changing, it's important to run up-to-date, commercial anti-virus software to monitor Macs for the latest known threats.

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