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"Square Circle Consulting has been an incredible value to me. Being in advertising and graphic design, it's critical that my equipment be functioning well. For more than 18 years, Square Circle Consulting has been able to meet my needs for maintenance, troubleshooting and emergency services quickly and efficiently — always with patience and a professional and positive attitude."

-Ann Hartman, Senior Graphic Artist


Why maintenance matters

Macs need regular preventive maintenance. Here's why:

Backup breakdowns

Backups can provide recovery options in case of accidental deletion, drive failure and other disasters. But often, backup software silently stops working, leaving users with the feeling they're protected when in fact they're moving ever further away from safety. Periodic reviews help to ensure that backups are working properly.

Drive and directory damage

Drives and directories are the foundations upon which all project files and folders are built. Crashes and software errors can cause directory damage which leads to unstable operation and data loss. And after spinning for months at 7200 rotations per minute, drive failure is just a matter of time. Early detection and correction of drive and directory issues prevents problems from snowballing.

Internet insecurity

As Macs become more popular, they're attracting more attention from computer criminals. In recent years, a steady stream of security updates have been released for products from Apple, Adobe and Microsoft. Regular updates, antivirus software, and proper configuration can reduce exposure.

Contact Square Circle Consulting to keep your Macs - and your projects - running smoothly.