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Square Circle Consulting has been assisting us with any technical problems we've had with our Macs for many years. We appreciate that Mac expertise is only a phone call away. Square Circle Consulting is very easy to work with and is able to explain the work in a way that is easy to understand.

-Chris Pike, Prepress Technician


One stop for all of your Macintosh technical needs

Apple products are designed to be reliable and easy to use. But the unexpected does happen and adding products from other companies often complicates matters. There are also upgrades, maintenance and other ongoing needs to consider.

Square Circle Consulting helps you where you're at — on-site, online or over the phone with:

  • Time-saving expertise - Remove the time- and energy-consuming burden of self-solving, instead putting expertise to work for fast, accurate solutions.
  • Objective advice - Square Circle Consulting offers recommendations driven by your needs, not by products.
  • Professional installation - Get everything up and running the first time.
  • Expert support - Keep your Macs — and your projects — running smoothly.
  • More than 20 years of Mac consulting experience

If you use Macs, Square Circle Consulting has the expertise and friendly approach to put your technical issues — and your anxieties — to rest. And that means you can free up your time and your mind to focus on the work that matters to you most.

Service overview

Square Circle Consulting offers solutions for Macs and all of the things used with them, including fonts, email, wireless routers, drives, servers, software and more. We provide analysis and individualized recommendations, installation, support, maintenance, repair, networking and Windows integration — all to ensure reliable Mac performance so you minimize disruptions.

Common services include, but are not limited to:

Mac upgrade consultation - Discuss customer needs, review hardware and software compatibility, and recommend new products that are most compatible with client needs and existing items.

Mac hardware and software installation - Install and configure new hardware, such as Apple Mac Pros, hard drives and RAIDs, and software such as Apple Mac OS X, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Entourage and Outlook.

Mac support, repair and diagnosis - Identify and resolve technical issues, typically without replacing equipment or reinstalling from scratch. Support for Mac desktops, laptops, and servers including Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac, iMac Pro and Mac Pro, and Mac-compatible products.

Mac maintenance and alerts - Check backups, directories and logs. Install security and software updates. Set up alerts for backup and drive failures, viruses and more.

Mac networking - Network equipment such as Apple servers, MacBook Pros and HP LaserJet printers with devices such as switches, Apple Airport wireless routers, Cisco VPN firewalls, and DSL modems.

Mac Windows integration - Integrate Macs with Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and Windows File Services. Or install Windows and Windows applications on Macs using Boot Camp, Parallels or VMware.

Mac data recovery - Recover lost or damaged files.

iPad and iPhone support - Many of these services are also available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. These devices run iOS, which is based on Mac OS X.

Cloud and hosted service setup - Configure hosted services including email, DNS, spam filtering and more.

Contract Mac IT services - Scheduled or on-call IT contractor providing Mac support, system administration, help desk and tech support services for business.

Detailed recordkeeping - Square Circle Consulting keeps detailed records as work is completed, facilitating faster service on repeat issues and easing license tracking.